Monday, 10 December 2012

the truth behind naughty, nice and lists...

The bad news...
Forget about making a list and sending it to Santa, he is far too busy to spend time on anyone over the age of 12.

The good news...
To address this sad situation some of the elves on James Street North and Cannon have devised a Wish List of our own, and here is how it works:

- pick up a Wish List at any of the participating retailers

- take a little stroll along James North and Cannon and jot down the items you covet, and the store where you found them

- give your completed list to your personal Santa (or, seriously, you can use it to shop for yourself!)

- bring the Wish List to the participating store and you’ll get 15% off your heart's desire.


You can find and use the Wish List at i fiori and at these other fine shops:
White Elephant
Hawk & Sparrow
Art Gallery of Hamilton Design Annex
Hansen & Lubbers
Mixed Media
O’s Clothes
Mulberry Street Cafe