Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Deck that hall

Its time!
James Street North is officially in holiday gear, and i fiori is bursting with branches and berries and boughs and ideas to bring the best part of the winter season into your home. And, as usual, we can tailor what we have in the shop to your needs.

fresh BC cedar garland by the foot
We have fresh BC cedar garland available by the foot, and arriving fresh every few days (as opposed to sitting in some wooden box since last October... Hmmmm... can we mention 'fresh' one more time?)
If you just want a piece to trail down the centre of your table - let us know how much you need. We will cut the garland to your requirements - it is as simple as that.

birch poles cut to size

And can we discuss birch...?
We have birch poles. Lots of birch poles.
This Saturday we will be able to cut the birch poles - to the size you want - while you wait.
So whether you are making a centrepiece or putting your own spin on an urn or needing a new curtain rod - you can have exactly the length you need.

dogwood branches

and then there are branches...
cardinal red dogwood and wild curly willow and rosehips and sweet huck...

It can make you like winter!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

the holiday season begins on james north

The timing is about right, the approach is not too 'in your face'... the holiday season is begins this week on James Street North.
Most of the shops and studios will be open a bit later on Thursday and Friday evenings and we are all looking a bit more festive. For those of you who have been in the shop lately, high-stepping over coils of grapevine and getting tangled in wild rosehip branches, you know that i fiori has become a hive of activity.

What's ready this week? amaryllis & cypress!

amaryllis bulbs are in the shop & ready for planting now
Amaryllis are ridiculously simple to grow:
- they thrive in virtually any growing medium
- place gravel in the bottom of the pot for weight and to improve drainage
- heavier clay pots are preferable to plastic ones
- plant them with the top third of the bulb above the soil's surface.
- place them in a well-lit spot.
- water when you remember.

the lemon cypress trees have arrived!
Lemon cypress are evergreen trees that have naturally bright greenish-yellow foliage. The leaves give off a citrus fragrance, especially when cut. It is a hardy, versatile tree, requires very little care and can be used both indoors and out.

lemon cypress topiary
The cypress - like all of the plants at i fiori - are born and raised in Ontario greenhouses. They will thrive in a variety of climates but try to avoid extreme heat or cold. They prefer moist, well-drained soil - do not let the roots become waterlogged. And as you will probably keep them in the house this winter - your cypress will also appreciate a misting once or twice a week to offset our dry indoor heat.

When planted in a container, either indoors or outdoors, you should prune the tree occasionally to keep it at the preferred height and shape.

We have 4" pots with mini shrubs - perfect for tabletop or mantle displays, classic topiaries and larger 6" potted shrubs.

Great colour,  fresh scents and a subtle nod to the season - what is not to like?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

flowering plants and bulbs for forcing

Narcissus Bulbs

The Narcissus bulbs have arrived!
In the shop now and ready to 'force', narcissus or paperwhites can be planted in soil or simply nestle the bulbs into pebbles with water just touching their base. The roots will begin to set, and in 4 to 6 weeks you will have beautiful fragrant narcissus flowers.

A few bulbs, a simple vase or jar and some pebbles make a perfect holiday gift. When started in late December, they will deliver a burst of early spring flowers in late January... when just about everyone needs a little burst.


Beautiful, elegant and easy to grow if you follow a few guidelines
-  they prefer bright, indirect light. Do not place in direct sunlight.
- keep compost/soil medium moist, but not drenched, allow to dry slightly between watering, ans never let the plant roots sit in excess water. The plants appreciate misting to keep the humidity level up
- they prefer warm temperatures, so the average house temperature is fine. Keep them away from cold drafts which can discolour the flower spathe
- anthuriums can be toxic if ingested. Take care with anthuriums around animals and small children.