Friday, 15 March 2013

shamrocks and spring bulbs

That's enough.

We have all been suffering from a bit of winter fatigue. Oh sure, a bit of snow is pretty and this is Canada... but it is mid-March and time for Spring.

i fiori is bursting with spring bulbs ready to bloom! We have collections already potted up and ready to go, or you can select the tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus and muscari to create your oun small haven of springtime.

And of course there are shamrocks.

green oxalis (shamrocks) with white flowers
We have potted shamrocks (oxalis, actually) to brighten up your home or workplace, and they will be equally happy outside when the weather warms up!
For a gorgeous contrast we also have the burgundy oxalis which feature delicate pale pink flowers.
Oh, Springtime.
Hurry up!

Monday, 4 March 2013

the collaboration

Today was the kind of magical day when a group of people come together with a solid purpose, a common goal and something very special unfolds.
Shot in 270 Sherman Street North in Hamilton, here are some preliminary photos of the day's work.
More to come!

The collaborators
Claire Dam: photographer ...
White Elephant : vintage dresses...
Aimee Carreen Stricker : make up and hair...
Breanna Stevenson : table styling :
Fehn Foss & Breanna Stevenson : models
i fiori : bouquets, hair and table flowers

spring is almost here...

Oh, if wishing could make it so...

Maybe all we needed was a couple of days of real hard-core winter to remind us of how easy we have had it for the past few years.

But Spring is very close, coaxed on by oxalis and cheery little primroses and all of the fresh herbs and flowers in the shop.

The Collaboration
Today the shop is closed, but we are at a photo shoot featuring vintage wedding dresses and bouquets from i fiori. When all of the elements are stitched together I will post these shots here and give you the links to all of the talented 'collaborators'.