Friday, 8 April 2016

5 reasons to start your garden seeds now...

And the 5 reasons are:

5) Matchbox seeds are available at i fiori for only a short period every spring
4) All Matchbox vegetable, herb and edible flower seeds are sourced from certified organic growers
3) All Matchbox seeds are harvested at a locally owned and operated vegetable and herb farm - which means that all of these varieties will grow in our climate and thrive in your garden.
2) Starting seeds indoors gives you a real jump on the 'days to maturity', and lets you enjoy your harvest sooner.
And the number 1 reason to start your seeds...
1) Look outside.

We have everything you need to jumpstart your garden this year:

- little tabletop greenhouses
- planting medium
- organic fertilizer
- biodegradable planting pots
- bloodmeal and bonemeal
- Stim-root #1 & #2
- and, of course, Matchbox Seeds(!)