Friday, 19 April 2013

I love my job

Man, there are worse ways to make a living!

This is a peek into one of the greenhouses that I visited Friday morning on my regular swoop through the Niagara peninsula collecting plants and cut flowers for the shop.

Owned and operated by Leo and Lynne, the greenhouse has benches and benches of fabulous ranunculus ready this season.
It is almost impossible to select only a few to bring back to the store with me.

This is the back of the car- wall to wall Spanish lavender, English lavender, fabulous fresh cut parrot and regular tulips, ranunculus and fresh herbs.
It smelled even better than it looked!

Once I was back in the shop, I found a place for my morning treasures:

 the front window at i fiori
fresh herbs this weekend: arugula, silver thyme, curly parsley, Italian parsley and sage
lemon cypress topiaries, Spanish lavender, potted hyacinths and helleborus

NEW! Organic seed kits.
The kit includes planting medium, biodegradable pot and saucer, and organic seed collections.
- Edible Flowers: nasturtium, viola & chamomile
- French Garden: Lavender, thyme & marjoram

See you in the shop!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tulips. The cure for winter.

80 km wind gusts.
Freezing rain.
Below 0 celsius.
April 12.

There is only one remedy in mid-April for a winter that won't go away.

Bring out the tulips.

In the shop, available by the armful, less expensive than a couple cups of coffee, and just waiting to make you smile...
Come in and taunt old-man-winter.