Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hello March!

Well, the first of March is here and we have not had enough winter to grumble about.

i fiori is getting back to normal - fresh Ontario freesia, ranunculas, parrot tulips and spray roses fill the fridge. There is a rainbow of gerbera daisies in the shop, and I picked up a carload of orchids and primulas yesterday... which seem to be selling rather quickly(!)

I want to thank many of you for your kind words and random hugs this past week after the death of my mom. I look around the store as it is beginning to burst with plants that will do double-duty in your home or outside on your balconies, terrasses and decks, and I think that mom would have loved this shop.

And it is all about the plants this week.  I have lovely oxalis (commonly referred to as shamrock plants - a mis-identification, but let's not take ourselves so seriously) in green, burgundy and the bi-colour 'iron cross'. They are happy little houseplants who do very well on patios and balconies when the weather gets warmer. The plant blooms more or less continually - the delicate flowers are pretty and small. Oxalis will get bushy as opposed to trailing.

iron cross oxalis :: burgundy & green