Sunday, 10 February 2013

oh my, cupid is tired and cranky...

It seems that he is finished with the whole 'red rose' thing, and no one is listening.
Welcome to i fiori, the flower shop with some very different ideas. We have something for every budget and every Valentine. Yes, yes we have red roses, and baby's breath and common fern...
but this Valentine's Day you can do better than that.
Want to make a statement?
We have the i fiori 2013 signature bouquet with 18 exquisite pink roses, surrounded by sweet huck and sword fern-

i fiori 2013 bouquet with 18 stunning roses in shades of pink
 or what about a simple wicker heart vase with a few exquisite blooms-
we have interesting and creative vases -
a simple glass brick with room for 8 stems
5 bottles to hold perfect ranunculus
Why not select one of them and say I love you every month for a year. We will fill your vase for free this Valentine's Day when you purchase a gift certificate to 'fill-'er-up' every month with fresh flowers for the next year.
Or maybe use this opportunity to pamper yourself, or your favourite valentine?
bath salts, body heaven cream and essential oil
from Weir's Lane Lavender Farm - rose petals from i fiori
Draw a bath with lavender bath salts and essential oil, toss in some rose petals and afterward pamper your dry skin with Body Heaven Omega 3 and Hemp cream (the only thing missing is chocolate and prosecco... but I digress)
It comes down to a creative and caring way to realize that it is mid-February in Canada. With a valentine or not - we all need a little bit of pampering!