Friday, 14 March 2014

what happens when we have a blizzard on James North...

McCartney and Son :: The sandwiches are legendary. The soups are inspired. The salads are fantastic... but I would sell my soul for the organic ice cream.
Soon... soon...

Shane McCartney approached me many months ago with a challenge in his restaurant.
In its previous life, it was a fish pond in a fish market, but then it became simply a weird corner the restaurant. What to do? Fill it with Lego? Use it as a transformer battleground? All worthwhile options, but with the vision and trust of Shane, a fantasy succulent garden now graces the front corner of McCartney and Son.

I asked Shane to build a platform, or false bottom for me...

Then I taped in a vapour barrier to prepare it for soil. Once the substrate and soil were in place,  the real fun began!

A wild collection of sun-loving succulents - blooming, trailing and bringing life to a little corner on James North.

Thank you Shane - it doesn't get much more fun than this!