Monday, 28 April 2014

so much happening in downtown Hamilton

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say 'hi' at the Vintage Market on the weekend. It proved to be a wonderful place to find good homes for a lot of my vintage McCoy and Beauceware vases and pots, as well as 'introduce' the shop to some new people.
And now for some future event news(!)
I will be teamed up with Chris, from Cafe Oranje and Melanie, from MODify Your Closet, as well as other like-minded business owners, to have a table at the Village Station Bazaar this coming Sunday May 4th..

i fiori will be located in that iconic station structure, and we will have crazy-fresh herbs and plants and market bunches of simply the freshest flowers you can imagine. Come down to Ferguson Station on Sunday for a coffee, a mooch about, and to say hello...

Now for a serious thought or two.
For some time now Hamilton appears to be moving steadily forward in a really positive direction. Downtown is coming alive in a way that no wall of glass condo skyscrapers can compete with (hello, Toronto).
With one open-air market concept, one neighborhood festival, one gallery, one shop, one restaurant, one workspace, one bakery at a time we are populating our sidewalks and our downtown with people who want to be part of this phenomenon called the downtown core.
Oh, I'm happy to be living and working in Hamilton!