Friday, 16 January 2015

spring flowers and resolutions

Well, we are truly in the last half of January, so time to confess this year's resolutions:

1. Be more thankful.
2. Embrace technology.
3. Drink less wine.

#1 - check
#2 & #3 - seem to be counter-intuitive

Last Sunday saw me wrestling with skype, blackberry, instagram and wordpress while simultaneously trying to chew my way through the cork on a bottle of ripasso...

And that is my apology for being so lax with new posts.

The Christmas season at i fiori was magical and crazy busy. Thank you, thank you. thank you. (see resolution #1) We spent our time with customers and workshops, and creating centrepieces, terrariums and bouquets (and unfortunately less time updating the blog with photos - see resolution #2)
But now we are coasting through January - the weather is not as brutal as last year's, but still I feel the pull, the need for spring bulbs in the house.

sweet little clay 'euro-pots'

amaryllis, narcissus, mixed bulb euro-pots, lemon cypress & heather

great selection of fresh cut tulips are in the shop now!

tulip, tulip, tulip, ranunculus, tulip...
easy and fresh in magnetic test tube vases from Chong Wu
See you in the shop!