Friday, 27 July 2012

the air plants are here!

ahhh, tillandsia
Finally, we have an assortment of air plants in the shop!
elegant and sculptural shapes
A type of bromeliad... oh what the heck, let's get all nerdy and call them by the right name, they are "tillandsia".

Essentially these are small plants that have latched onto a host plant or tree (think: rain forest) and draw their nourishment - not from their roots or soil - but from the dew and the air. It is the ultimate low maintenance plant.

air plants in our hanging terrariums
care of air plants
Not much to say here. You will need to water your airplants occasionally, to mimic the moisture they would get from dew or rain. Maybe mist them twice a week or so depending on how dry your home or office is, and every couple weeks give them a good dunk in water, let them air-dry and reposition them in your arrangement. They can go longer without water, but are happier and healthier with a little bit of attention.
They like bright light - artificial is just fine. Be careful if you place them in a glass terrarium - keep them out of direct sunlight - the light and heat will be too intense.
See you in the shop! As usual there is a dizzying assortment of succulents to choose from, a fluffy fern or two to help clean your air and some of the freshest flowers you can imagine.