Monday, 8 October 2012

the season of branches and pods and berries!

w-h-e-w. It has been a long, busy time between posts!

Thanksgiving is behind us, a time which means turkeyturkeyturkey to most, but many more of us celebrate the harvest vegetables that we are so fortunate to have in abundance in southern Ontario. I'm not sure if the turkey can trump roasted root vegetables tossed with fresh herbs, or beets drizzled with balsamic vinegar and accented with creamy goat's cheese... But I digress.
Like the turkey and Thanksgiving - many tie autumn with mums. ...pots and pots of mums.
Well, at i fiori we have some beautiful mums... and the shop is bursting with other tempting ideas to help you bring some fabulous autumn colour into your home or business.
white spider mum
green fuji mum
Now, combine these beauties with interesting branches and seed pods - and you have a fall arrangement that just might surpass that mum-in-a-pumpkin centerpiece.

We can help you select the branches, pods and flowers which will combine to offer autumn colour with great structure and unexpected texture.
bixa seed pods

kangaroo paw - a shop favourite 

asclepias 'moby dick'
- actually a subset of our common milkweed

asclepias 'scarlet milkweed'

...and the popular japanese lanterns

As an added bonus many branches and pods will last and last - so they only need to be updated periodically with fresh flowers to change their look.

You can always expect the stock at i fiori to be changing and evolving with the season, with our passionate commitment to locally grown fresh flowers and irresistible accents.

See you soon - maybe this friday during the october art crawl!