Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Deck that hall

Its time!
James Street North is officially in holiday gear, and i fiori is bursting with branches and berries and boughs and ideas to bring the best part of the winter season into your home. And, as usual, we can tailor what we have in the shop to your needs.

fresh BC cedar garland by the foot
We have fresh BC cedar garland available by the foot, and arriving fresh every few days (as opposed to sitting in some wooden box since last October... Hmmmm... can we mention 'fresh' one more time?)
If you just want a piece to trail down the centre of your table - let us know how much you need. We will cut the garland to your requirements - it is as simple as that.

birch poles cut to size

And can we discuss birch...?
We have birch poles. Lots of birch poles.
This Saturday we will be able to cut the birch poles - to the size you want - while you wait.
So whether you are making a centrepiece or putting your own spin on an urn or needing a new curtain rod - you can have exactly the length you need.

dogwood branches

and then there are branches...
cardinal red dogwood and wild curly willow and rosehips and sweet huck...

It can make you like winter!