Friday, 14 November 2014

i fiori celebrates it's 3rd year!

The holiday season is quietly arriving at i fiori.
I have a hard time with windows filled with twinkling Christmas trees and sparkly bits in November, but the reality is that there are some things we have to think about in advance.
Like branches and berries for easing your home into winter, and starting paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs to help your mind forget that the temperatures are dipping below zero!

simple but showy amaryllis

a simple and stunning display of paperwhites :: it doesn't have to be complicated

Bulbs are in the shop now, as are branches and berries and lots of ideas. And in the next week or so the baby cypress trees, norfolk pines, helebores, wreaths and garlands will all take their place in the store.

i fiori celebrates our 3 years this november art crawl

And my pants would be on fire if I didn't say how happy and astonished I am to be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of i fiori.
Thank you thank you thank you to my customers, my clients, my friends and family. Nothing happens in isolation (nothing good, anyway), and I am constantly challenged and inspired by all of you.