Sunday, 2 November 2014

meet me at Gage Park

late fall in Gage Park
Today started with a walk to Gage Park to see the Mum Show. Such a fabulous, crisp November morning and Gage Park was the perfect place to be. This jewel in our city's crown was established in 1918 to 'beautify' the eastern entrance to the city of Hamilton. Nestled against the escarpment, this morning some trees were bare, some still hanging on to their leaves, some roses in the rose garden looked absolutely content with little nip of frost. This is one of my very favourite places in Hamilton (truthfully... in the whole country!).
As usual the display of mums for the 2014  Hamilton Fall Garden & Mum Show was impressive.

so perfect
so 'showy'

And the walk through the Tropical Greenhouse was a nice contrast to the weather outside.
the view from under a leaf - a very large leaf

In this city it seems that we are only 5 minutes in any direction from the bay and the waterfront, from the forests and the escarpment, from great trails and killer stairs, from bike paths and bike lanes (yay), from calming greenhouses and public gardens. We are lucky indeed.

I 'heart' Ward 3.